Career Profile

I am a current master of Electrical Engineering student at WPI. You can check and download my resume here. I'm looking for a software engineering job or intern.


Face recognition Intern

2013.6 - 2013.9
Software Park, Kun Shan

Assist company to do a research on face detection, use OpenCV to deal with the problems of face detection and help design user interface for customers.

Research Assistant

2016 - present
WPI, Worcester

Research on simulating channel model for the Wi-Fi signal transmitted by drone in outdoor environment and set up three scenarios with different number of base stations to do the localization. We use RSS-based localization technology and implement two algorithms (Improved Maximum Likelihood and Recursive Least Squares) to get the localization performance and compare the performance with CRLB.


I have accomplished some projects on software design, you can view the code in my GitHub.

Word Sweeper - WordSweeper is a game that support practice and multi-player model. In this project, I was responsible for Building model for the Game based on Unified Modeling Language (UML) Object Oriented Model and Establishing server client environment by using Model-view-controller (MVC) software design structure in Eclipse for the dynamic programming and simplifying the procedures of modifications.
Shortest Path - Project aims to find the shortest path, second shortest path and third shortest path between two cities. After fetching the information of cities' coordinates from csv documents and expressing them through adjacent matrix, we can solve the shortest path problem using Dijkstra's algorithm. In this project, I was responsible for writing the code and realizing the algorithm using Python.

Skills & Proficiency


Javascript & jQuery





Drone Localization

This project implements different algorithms (Improved Maximum Likelihood and Recursive Least Squares) to deal with the localization of drone in open areas and compare the performance of algorithms with CRLB to decide which algorithm is optimal for drone localization.


Word Sweeper

The aim of this project is to design a game called Word Sweeper and realize the connection between client side and server side based on XML protocol, a controller chain is built to process the XML messages communicated between client side and server side using Java.


Shortest Path

This project aims to fetch city coordinates information from CSV documents by Python and express them through adjacent matrix. After that, get the shortest path as well as the second and third paths between two cities by Dijkstra algorithm and draw those paths with the help of Pyplot.


Derivative Estimation

This project uses Forward, Backward and Central difference for mimicking the 'ideal' derivative of signal with noise and uses different kinds of low pass filter (IIR and FIR) to remove the noise in derivative of signal: Cheby1, Butter and Ellip are used for IIR low pass filter, Hamming and Kaiser are used for FIR filter. MATLAB functions for each derivative estimation method are programmed.


Computer Graphic

Some projects accomplished by openGL using C++. These projects include polyline viewer and editor, rendering mesh as 3D wireframe model using VBO and exploration of hierarchical modeling of 3D meshes. Some light and shading algorithms such as Gourard shading and Flat shading are also explored to make the view more reasonable. The implementaion of some image manipulation operations such as edge detection effect and Toon rendering are included in some projects as well.